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Environmental Treatment Technology


We continuously strive in seeking to excel in environmental engineering expertise through constant innovation and the use of state-of-the-art technology in environmental protection gained from close communication with environmental organizations and institutions worldwide. 

Our One Stop Environmental Innovation Centre (OSEIC) provides an ideal climate for customers to choose the appropriate and most affordable technology for addressing issues about the environment.

Finding out Solution for Environmental Problems

Aspect of Environmental Treatment Technology


Waste pollution control and treatment

Waste pollution control serves as one of the broadest social and environmental issues worldwide. To curb this control of waste pollution from widely happening, we constantly provide reliable solutions and treatments to our valuable clients all the time.


Sewage pollution control and treatment

Sewage pollution control is determined by the amount of wastewater that often contains feces, urine, and laundry waste. We will always strive to be one of the top companies that provide the best solution and treatment for sewage pollution control.


Air pollution control and treatment

Air pollution control is determined by the number of emissions and the type of pollutants that need to be captured. We will always strive to be one of the top companies that provide the best solution and treatment for air pollution control.


Noise pollution control

Noise pollution control helps in controlling the traffic noise to rock concerts, loud or any other noise that can lead to hearing loss, stress, and high blood pressure. We will ensure the controls of noise pollution will be taken care of.


Solid waste treatment

Solid waste treatment focuses on the process of collecting, treating, and disposing of solid material that is discarded. We highly focus on solid waste treatment based on the environmental treatment technology of landfill, composting, and vermicomposting.


Hazardous waste treatment

Hazardous waste treatment can be treated in various methods ranging from chemical, thermal, biological, and physical methods. We provide solutions and consultancy advice for all aspects of hazardous waste treatment.

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