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Environmental Monitoring


We provide the best environmental expertise in conducting studies that require a diversified pool of qualified resources in the environmental dimension thus providing the optimum solution in the planning process.

We have fully equipped tools throughout the monitoring of environmental segmentation.

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Site Construction

Site construction involves the process of constructing a building, infrastructure, or project. We focus on the aspect of collecting water and soiling data on the site to see whether it is clean or harmful.



Marine involves the sea, especially in terms of its transportation. We focus on collecting water data in the ocean to see if it is clean or harmful.



River focuses on a large natural stream of water flowing in a channel to the sea. We always collect the water sample to ensure the cleanliness and the PH level of the river water accordingly.



A factory is a building or complex of buildings in which goods are manufactured or assembled primarily by machines. We focus on collecting noise samples to see the noisiness of the sound level.



Air comprises an invisible gaseous substance that surrounds the Earth, primarily a mixture of oxygen and nitrogen. We provide air quality control and data management to our valuable clients.



Soil is known as waste matter, especially sewage containing excrement. We provide soil contamination level and consultancy for all of our valuable clients.



Groundwater focuses on water stored in pores or crevices in the ground or rocks. We provide groundwater samples to see the contamination level too whether it is suitable for consumption.

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