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Municipal Sewage Treatment


We are specialized in designing municipal sewage treatment plants. We offer customized solutions for designing municipal sewage treatment plants. Systems designated by us are aesthetically pleasing, and low profile with a combination of an odorless process and quiet equipment allowing each system to be a good neighbor amongst the community with an added advantage of cost-effectiveness both in terms of construction and operation.

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Aspects of Municipal Sewage Treatment


Biological Processes

Biological Processes form the ability of an organism to interact with its environment, which is essential for life. We help clients by providing consultancy services such as the conversion of dissolved biodegradable organics and colloidal materials into minerals and biological solids (biomass).


Physical / Chemical Unit Process

The physical / Chemical Unit Process looks into various aspects such as temperature, color, turbidity, PH, nitrogen, and others to name a few. We will always ensure to our clients that the services offered are up to their standards consecutively.


Bio Augmentation

Bio Augmentation is the process of the addition of archaeal or bacterial cultures that is necessary to accelerate the rate of degradation of contaminants. We will strive to provide the best management results for your business organization.


Process Control and Troubleshooting

Process Control and Troubleshooting are relevant to ensure municipal sewage compliance. We provide services such as process controlling and troubleshooting for all of our valuable clients in the delivery of continuous and consistent consultancy.


Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance typically include the task of maintaining equipment before serious problems occur. We will ensure that all of our operations and maintenance procedures will reach your standards.


Pre-Fabricated Sewage Treatment Plant (for small-scale usage)

Pre-Fabricated Sewage Treatment Plant focuses on reusing sewage water in various applications. We provide consultations and design solutions for sewage treatment plant development and management.

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