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Environmental Regulatory Review


With the depth of understanding involving environmental legislation, we have always strived to provide the best statutes and guidelines along with the best capabilities and expertise in providing advisory and consultancy services pertaining to all pertaining regulatory matters.

We provide the ability to integrate environmental requirements in engineering designs that have provided vast solutions to many business sectors.

Finding out Solution for Environmental Problems

Aspect of Environmental Regulatory Review


Requirements for environmental impact assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the evaluation of the environmental impact of a plan, policy, program, or actual project before deciding whether to proceed with the proposed action. We assist all of our valuable clients in executing the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA).


Requirements for establishment of new industrial facilities

The establishment of new industrial facilities is substantial for the opening of new facilities in the factory. We always abide by the standard terms and regulations of the environmental procedure.


Requirements for expansion of facilities

Expansion of facilities usually occurs especially when the business is expanding its operation. We help our valuable clients to expand their business facilities and at the same time provide consultations to them.


Licensing procedures and requirements

Licensing procedures and requirements are important and in line with environmental regulations. We do have an experienced team that is able to assist you in dealing with licensing procedures from one end to another.


Site suitability evaluation

Site suitability evaluation highly comprises the ecological approaches for defining land suitability. We also do provide site suitability evaluation for all of our valuable clients.


Emission and effluent standards

Emissions and effluent standards are derived in different ways by clean air management and the best practical means to combat clean air approaches. We highly focus on and abide by the emission and effluent standards to deliver the best service to you. 


Analysis of new regulations

New regulations are substantial as they help to protect workers and prevent harm to business and industrial practices. We will keep you posted and updated on the new regulations on a regular basis.


Regulatory contacts and meeting

Regulatory contact and meeting focus on appointments with the relevant governmental authority which includes authorizations, approvals, or clearances arising from the foregoing. We have an experienced team that is able to assist you in dealing with all regulatory matters.

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