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Our Value and Purpose

Our commitment to building a better world

Our core mission is to build a better world without compromising the environment. With the capability of our experienced and certified team of engineers, we provide cost-effective solutions balancing the development with nature.

Balanced urbanisation for sustainable future

Sustainable development is always our important mission to build a resilient and long-term sustainable city. Therefore, with the aid of the latest technology and data science facility that we have, balanced urbanization is the key success to balance rapid development and the environment.


Long-sustainable City and urbanization is one of our main missions, that is to ensure the sufficient and efficiency of utilizing the resources and energy in the city.

Balanced Urbanisation

We provide a balanced urbanization solution for the city to have a better quality of life by conserving the greens and nature.

Pollution Prevention

We ensure pollution problems could be prevented by minimizing the waste pollution that has been processed by factories and heavy industries.

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YES is a full service environmental consulting and engineering company specializes environmental-related projects from environmental planning, environmental engineering to environmental management.

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