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Environmental Studies

Problems and Solutions to Environmental Problem

We have looked into various studies relating to the environment that help to address pertaining issues and provide relevant solutions to mitigate any environmental problems from occurring. We have assisted various business organizations ranging from enterprises, government agencies, private sections, institutions, and also communities for nearly a decade.

Finding out Solution for Environmental Problems

Aspect of Environmental Studies


Air Pollution

Causes of Air Pollution can be Industrialization, Automobiles, Chlorofluorocarbons, etc. We carry out environmental studies on the cause of air pollution and harmful effects on natural vegetation and human health such as respiratory illnesses.


Water Pollution

Causes of Water Pollution can be Industrial Waste, Marine Dumping, Sewage and Wastewater, Oil Leaks and Spills, and Radioactive Waste. We carry out environmental studies on the cause of water pollution occurs when water quality decreases that potentially making it toxic.


Noise Pollution

Causes of Noise Pollution can be Industrialization, Transportation, Construction Activities, and Social Events. We carry out environmental studies on the cause of noise pollution and harmful effects that can cause underlying health-related issues in the city


Community Health

Community Health is a medical specialty focused on the physical and mental health of people in a specific geographic area. We strive to maintain and improve the health of local residents, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and prepare for natural disasters


Traffic Pollution Studies

Traffic Studies focus on in-depth research and in-depth analysis of transportation systems in specific regions, backed by extensive data collection. We also help to improve the flow of traffic to promote efficiency of the transportation in the city.


Community Awareness

Community Awareness is the created knowledge that is based on the interaction between people and the environment. We provide educations and public awareness on environment for NGOs, and also government agencies.

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