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Environmental Management Systems


We offer consultancy services to meet the growing needs of industries and at the same time to meet international voluntary consensus standards such as the ISO 14000 series of standards covering areas of Environmental Management Systems (EMS).

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Aspect of Environmental Management Systems


ISO 14010, ISO 14011, and ISO 14012 Environmental Auditing

We provide service to conduct assist organizations with EMS auditing based on guidelines documented by ISO to meet the ISO 14001 requirements. This includes helping the organizations to evaluate whether the system is completely working, whether all required processes including the cost of compliance properly exercise, and whether the management review is capable of exercising the continuous, adequacy, suitability, and effectiveness of the EMS implemented.


ISO 14020, ISO 14021, ISO 14022, ISO 14023, and ISO 14024 Environmental Labeling

We are always in line with the requirements of ISO 14001 in making products that are environmentally preferable. We help in developing technical support by communicating these environmental properties and the necessary processes to develop them with a set of attributes that result in a product’s superior environmental performance cycle.


ISO 14031 and ISO 14032 Environmental Performance Evaluation

We provide services in the development of level performance markers according to ISO guidelines while helping organizations implement sophisticated subsystems for assessing environmental performance, policies, goals, and systems implemented to achieve objectives. We also provide assistance in establishing lifestyle consequences.


ISO 14040, ISO 14041, ISO 14043, ISO 14047, ISO 14048, and ISO 14049 Life Cycle Assessment

We are equipped with both experience and know-how in carrying out life cycle assessments (LCA). We have also conducted a life cycle impact assessment, life cycle inventory study, and life cycle inventory modeling in accordance with the ISO 14000 standards.


ISO 14062 Environmental Aspects in Products Standards (EAPS)

In tandem with ISO 14000, we assist organizations by suggesting and identifying standards on specific specifications in products, standards that would be environmentally detrimental, and to help those that will be beneficial. We focus on implementing a pragmatic approach when advising organizations to avoid listing environmentally questionable material or elaborating on design-for-environment techniques.

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